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 Here are some wholesome, tasty, nurturing recipes and food tips from my personal creativity and inspiration.


It is my intention to share the best of what I know about food in ways that supports the health of body, mind and spirit.


I offer you my spicing experience to enrich your food and inspire you to be creative in your own way. 

Our food is meant to be life sustaining and enriching.

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I believe in a healthy, vital immune system through wise choices in food.  Food has the potential to give us optimal health while being appetizing and delicious.

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 Astara's Message:

I have created this blog web site during the coronavirus pandemic in order to bring you recipes with the hope that I inform and inspire you to create healthy, nourishing meals.  High quality food supports the immune system.  I encourage you to choose foods that supports your health and well being.

I'm choosing recipes from my cookbook "Spirit and Spices, The Vegetarian Way" that are easy, economical and nutritious.  This site is intended to support you with something I enjoy, cooking good food.

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